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                          A Notice from the International Students Services

                          Date:2018-03-22    Browse times:

                          ANotice from the International Students Services

                          RE: AppointmentSystem

                          In order to improve the service quality and work proficiency of the Office of International Students Service at SUS, the office has decided to launch an appointment system starting from March 2018. Students can now make appointments with teachers with responsibilities in addressing relevant concerns. After appointments are made, the teachers will then attend to such which may take one to five working days. Feedback provided to students will be in accordance with the level of urgency. If students are not satisfied with the feedback,  quest can be made for teachers to review the concerns again. Please send us an email via lxs@sus.edu.cn, if you have any suggestions or complaints, so that we can improve our service.

                          Please download the attached file if you want to make an appointment.


                          School of International Education

                          Office ofInternational Students Service

                          March 15, 2018


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                          International Students Office

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